Treading the Path of Kings

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To the Land of Kings and the Memories of Love

The land of king lies in the deserted terrain of the western front of India. Rajasthan in all its glory is an ever welcoming landscape that greets wandering souls with a smile and with love in the heart. The sand is ingrained with culture and tradition passed on through the generations. A proud and unyielding people are core to this culture and with India Motorbike tours, this cultural heritage is presented to those seeking the thrill of adventure through one of the most beautiful and yet challenging vistas across the Indian subcontinent. This Rajasthan bike trip is unlike any other, it delves deep into stories of the people and it aims to bring travelers as close as possible to the pulse of the land.

On this incredible 1600 Km journey, that starts and ends in the national capital of New Delhi, riders will get to see some of the most breathtaking vistas that the world has to offer. Landscapes both natural and man-made. From the awe-inspiring frescoes and wall paintings of Alsisar, to the regal city of Bikaner and onto the royal fortress of Mewar, the journey will bring with it many adventures, the likes of which a rider is likely to never experience again. A journey epic in scale and joyous in spirit, this 14 day Rajasthan motorcycle tour, promises to be an event to remember for many a moon.

With India Motorbike Tours taking care of the logistics, including bookings, bikes, fuel, medical supplies, mechanical supplies, etc. Travelers can rest assured in the knowledge that all their needs will be attended to at every step of the journey and with the experienced guides that will lead the way, the journey is designed to show to bikers, the most astoundingly beautiful setting of Rajasthan in all its majesty and pomp.

The journey will also visit the beautiful pink city of Jaipur, a city that stands still in time. A city immune to the aging that most cities are subject to. A city that is as incredible in its architectural acumen as it is in its delectable tastes. From the city of palaces the journey will move onward to the greatest architectural marvel ever created in the Indian subcontinent. The Rajasthan motorcycle tour will then move towards the Taj, in Agra.

What can be said of the Taj, that which hasn’t been said before. It is the most grandiose symbol of love, the world has ever seen and at the same time it stands as a testament to the ingenuity and the ability of the artisans and architects of the time, who were in difficult conditions, able to create this cultural and architectural icon, that has stood the test of time and has engraved its place in the collective memory of humanity for all eternity.

So join us then, as we embark on this epic journey through some of the most beautiful landscapes the world has to offer, aboard our Royal Enfield bikes, on this legendary Rajasthan motorcycle tour.

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