Trans Himalayan motorcycle tour – Where the air gets thin, it gets easier to let go!

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Trans Himalayan Motorcycle Tour

When the pressure gets low, when the air thins out and the roads get rustic, that’s when you know that heights you’re riding at are nothing to scoff at. The chill in the mountain breeze can send shivers down the spine as the winding roads give you that incredible tingling feeling all over your body. It takes an adventurers soul to ride up into the higher reaches of the Himalayas, up above the clouds and the hustle bustle of the urban lifestyle. It takes strength of character and an unbridled pursuit of the wanderer’s path, to test your limits in one of the most temperamental stages that the earth has set for a chosen few. Find your adventure in the upper reaches of the Himalayas with India Motorbike tours. This could be your adventure, this could be one of your Himalayan motorcycle tours.

This incredible 1550 km stretch, carved into the picturesque Himalayan mountain range is a test and reward in itself. It brings out the best in experienced riders, reminding them of the importance of pushing the envelope and it brings the joy of riding to those who haven’t ventured into uncharted territory before. Once we’ve set up in Manali, you will be introduced to your partner for the journey, your dearest companion and hopefully by the end of the journey, a trusted friend, your Royal Enfield. The journey will truly begin from there as you and your steed, venture into the unknown with no worries about any logistics, with the team from India Motorbike Tours and a dedicated group of riders in the party with you.

Starting from the winding roads in Manali, curving ever so sensually around quaint mountains we will go, all along witnessing the breathtaking beauty of the flowing hills and their imposing slopes. Venturing through the mystical land of Leh on our way to the highest motor able pass in the world, Khardung-la. This mystic mammoth sits proudly at a nosebleed inducing height of 5602m. So far up in the clouds and yet still somehow, our feet will be set firmly on the ground. It is one of nature’s most incredible miracles and cruelest jokes, to have us be so close to the sky and yet not be a part of it. Nature however didn’t account for the engineering prowess of humankind. For if it wanted us not to fly, it has failed, at heights like these riding along on our metal steeds feels freeing, like a bird soaring through the air into worlds unknown.

So, join us on this incredible journey as we take our Motor Bikes on this challenging trip into the heart of the Himalayas and look to come out the other side with a deeper understanding of not just ourselves and our Motor bikes but also the human condition. India Motorbike Tours will take care of the logistics, the planning, the fail safe’s, the supplies, etc. All you have to do is show up at the finish line and be ready to go on what is hopefully one of many Himalayan motorcycle tours.


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