The sights to match the sounds – Ladakh Bike Trip

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Leh Ladakh Bike Tours

Once in a while, you find yourself standing in front of a sight too unbelievable to behold and you pinch yourself, you tell yourself that this has to be an illusion. You look around, searching for a sign, anything to tell you that you’re dreaming and the all too real illusion is just that. But sometimes, you pinch yourself and it just hurts and you realize that what you are standing witness to, is indeed real. That overwhelming feeling of intense visual satisfaction is Ladakh in a nutshell and there is no better way to experience it than atop your steel horse, chugging along on stunning mountainous roads with ladakh bike trip.

Those were the sights I was chasing as I made my way up through Manali and into Ladakh and to say that I found what I was searching for would be the understatement of a lifetime. The beauty of the landscape is hard to put into words, but I have a sense of responsibility in terms of informing the world about what I experienced on this journey and so I will try. There are moments in life, where you look out at something breathtaking and it draws you in, you can see the land, you can see its surreal features and its inviting scenery but as you really look at it, you can sense something more. You can feel something tugging at your heartstrings, as though the warmth of Mother Nature is washing over you like a tidal wave crashing into the rocky shoreline. It moves you to your core, it makes you question the fabric of reality but most of all it inspires you to seek beauty in the world. That is what India Motorbike Tours bought me on this Leh-Ladakh bike trip, inspiration.

As you look out over the still salty waters of the Pangong Lake, the sensation of fullness will wash over you and as you move through the valley of Nubra, the wave will send shivers down your spine as you crest the mountains to see the world through god’s eyes. It is a life changing experience, a collection of truly majestic view on a Leh-Ladakh bike trip like no other. I will always be grateful that I was fortunate enough to see something truly special, which completely altered the way I look at everyday life. I never believed people when they said stuff about gaining perspective through travel, now I regret not having believed them, for seeing the world as I see it now, is the greatest gift I could have given to my younger self.

On then to the next leg of the journey, on then to Srinagar, where this story ends and my sensory journey reaches a climax. The moving sounds of Manali led me to the stunning sights of Ladakh, I wonder what I will find in the valley of Srinagar, in the heart of Kashmir. Join me in my journey with India Motorbike Tours and experience a Leh-Ladakh bike trip like no other.

To be continued…