Leh Ladakh Bike Trip

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Sometimes don’t you just want to escape from the worries of this world and just get on a bike and go somewhere? Anywhere?

Don’t you want to feel the thrill in your veins, the wind on your face and the excitement in your heart?

Then guess what? I have the perfect answer for you. India Motor Bike Tours have created a trip just for passionate people like you who not only want to enjoy an amazing and exhilarating ride but also want to indulge in their passions and explore the treasures hidden within this world.

Our Leh Ladakh Bike Trip is one of the trips that will give you the chance to run away from your life problems just for a few days and get your energy and motivation back!

This bike ride is as stimulating as being on a rollercoaster and it’s every biker’s dream to experience this phenomenal journey of serenity, beauty, and tenderness. The Leh and Ladakh trip is a story of emotion where the hero must conquer a kingdom and marry the princess of his dreams. But just like any other love story, there will be many dangerous and rough routes he must take to defeat his enemy.

Although you will encounter many scenic views that will awe you, you will have to journey through rocky paths to deem yourself worthy. You can, of course, take the shortcut and land directly in Ladakh but what’s the point of having an adventure when you can’t even enjoy the snow-kissed mountains, oblige to the cloudy skies, seize the time to shop at bazaars, discover the true essence of the many monasteries or feel the cold air wrap around like a cloak in the summertime?

The fun part begins when you finally get on your bike and drive with no one to stop you! You will have the freedom to stop whenever you want, wherever you want to either rest and take in the views or capture memorable photos.

The Leh Ladakh Bike trip will not only heal you from the inside but also from the outside. You will feel much more alive as you halt and meet the friendly folks that reside in the outlandish villages and satisfy your tummy with their utterly delicious cuisines. Moreover, the valleys of Ladakh is a sight for sore eyes. While you’re there, you must inhale everything and realize the worth of this place.

However, it’s more of a challenge than a quest because the ride is not for mere pastime. Only those who have the drive and fervor to ride on the insecure paths and witness the sunset are able to enjoy every bit and piece of this trip.

From Leh to Ladakh, we guarantee every rider that this trip will rejuvenate and revive them, unlike any other trip.

So what are you waiting for?

Book our trip now or get in touch with us via call or mail!

We can’t wait to be on this remarkable journey with you.