The Himachal Pradesh Motorbike Tour in India

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When we think of Himachal Pradesh, we think of mountains, monasteries, trekking, and skiing. But there’s one more activity that will enliven you. An activity you wish you would’ve experienced or known before. Motorcycle tour India.

The Himachal Pradesh motorbike tour is a tour where you will be given a thrilling ride and get the opportunity to breathe the chilling air and explore the beautiful valleys and villages that make Himachal Pradesh one of the most incredible and enticing states.

India Motorbike Tours have designed a professional and novel route just for you that will take you on a distinct journey across Shimla.

In the duration of 9 days, you will travel through captivating cities, discover monasteries, visit remarkable temples that are Instagram perfect and shop at colorful Bazar that is the heart of Shimla. Whether you want an adventure or just plain excitement, the Himalayan Motorbike tour is your escape from stress and city life. The rocky paths will lead you to delightful views and under a sky that’s always greeting with a smile.

You’ll ride to other breathtaking cities where you can satisfy your growling tummy with Tibetan cuisines such as Momo’s Thupka and sausages and visit major tourist attractions in Mcleodganj such as the Bhagsunag Temple, St. John’s Church and Trilokinath Cave Temple. Reward yourself in Kangra by stopping at Kangra fort; the largest and oldest fort in the Himalayas and ride along the countryside that will take you to the heritage village of Pragpur that was developed about 3 centuries ago.

Why Choose Motorbike Tours?

That’s a question that needs little answering. There are various reasons you should experience a motorbike tour, some of which are:-

  • Flexibility – Enjoy your ride at your own pace
  • Authentic Encounter with People and Cultures
  • Fun Activities throughout the ride
  • A Memorable Journey with your friends and family

What better way is there than to get on a bike and travel through the city to broaden your perspective on the country and its society?

Important Tips for Your Motorbike Tour India


As exhilarating as riding a motorbike is, there are some things that you need to keep in mind.

  • Pack your luggage light
  • Dress comfortably
  • Take short breaks
  • Always stay hydrated
  • Go light on the food
  • Stay on the road
  • Keep your spirit high

Don’t know where to start? We at India Motorbike Tour will give you a detailed itinerary and will assist you throughout your adventurous journey. All you need to do is pack your bags, grab your camera to capture India’s overwhelming sites and enjoy every second of your tour.

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