Searching for the Beat of Life

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If you pay attention, if you really listen to the humdrum sounds of daily lives, you can hear the beat of life. It’s a fast paced two hundred beats per minute pace, chugging along in the background as we go through our day. It doesn’t slow down, it doesn’t speed up and eventually it just fades into the background of our lives. It keeps us on our paths but rarely does it inspire us to greatness. I have spent my life finding ways to slow this beat down, to make it more memorable, to make it more noticeable and to make it more engrossing.  Great music slows it down but has a beat of its own, life altering moments make it stop for a second but the rhythm comes back and settles down almost instantly. More than anything else, travel and more specifically riding really slows it down. The beat infuses itself with the notes of the exhaust and the world around and blends a truly sublime track, a beat only I can hear. In the city, with the pace of life as it is alongside the start stop traffic and the constant blaring of horns, it becomes hard to appreciate the moment and so I headed into the mountains with India Motorbike Tours and there under the stars, with the miles disappearing behind me and the road stretching out in front of me, with its many winding corners and sweeping turns I found the orchestra of the world playing its tune just for me. A Leh Ladakh Bike Trip is exactly what the heart was longing for.

The bike tour led me through some interesting places, each offering their own unique experiences. Never once during the whole journey did I feel the pace becoming too much for me. From the lush beautiful mountains in and around Manali, we set off into this perpetually underappreciated part of the subcontinent. The endless greenery in itself was enough to make one’s heart sing, but carving a way through the mountains on a steel horse with the wind in my face and the sweet scent of Cedar on the nose was just the icing on top of this decadent cake. With the 1400 Km journey to look forward to, my mind for the first time in a long time was completely at ease.

I thought I’d seen beauty, I’d always felt that I could appreciate it when it stood before me, but nothing I’d ever seen could have prepared me for the storm of emotions that came crashing down around me as I stood faced with the Rohtang Pass. It’s daunting, yet magnificent fortitude alongside my not-so-subtle emotional response to it left me somewhat dumbfounded. It was a moment in time for me. A moment where the world stood perfectly still and I heard to the song of life in all its beauty and all its glory for the first time. In a place as peaceful and still as one could hope to find, I was stood there, listening to an operatic masterpiece amidst the snow.

India Motorbike Tours bought me that opportunity of Manali-Ladakh-Srinagar Motorcycle Trip and I will forever be grateful for that. There are few things in the world that will truly trip you up and make you appreciate the natural beauty in the world, but riding a bike through the mountains luckily is one of those heart stopping moments that we all need once in a while to remind ourselves of how lucky we are to be alive.

To be continued…

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