Barnstorming through Kinnaur and the Spiti Valley

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Kinnaur to Spiti valley bike tours

Kinnaur to Spiti valley bike tours

The air in the mountains smells different, it carries qualities that are just unobtainable in urban life. Breathing in the rarified air, leaving tarmac in the rear view is a rather liberating feeling, it’s a feeling some of us relish and some of us crave. The constant unyielding desire to find your way back to the open road is primal to its core. The urge to devour miles at the end of the day can only be satiated by setting your adventurous spirit free and letting it satisfy its wanderlust. To that end, there are few places on the face of this planet, that are more suited to scratch that very specific itch than the awe inspiring stretches of road that lay unencumbered in the confines of this Motorbike trip to Kinnaur and Spiti Valley.

Views that beggar belief lie sprawling across vistas touched by the oh-so-crafty wand of Mother Nature. The journey is challenging and will demand a great deal of dedication and commitment from those that choose to embark on it, but when the reward is a life altering journey that cuts across one of the most beautiful regions in the world, the choice to join the journey becomes much easier.

It is a journey for the wandering heart. Kinnaur with the glistening waters of the Nako lake is an every inviting proposition for travelers and the Spiti valley its imposing, yet delicate mountains does truly call the name of the few that would venture into its heart stopping beauty.

The locations are beautiful, the stops are comfortable and the accommodations are luxurious, but the true nature of this Mororbike trip lies between the white lines. The true purpose of this journey can only be known by those that live for the adventure, those that know what it feels like, to have the rubber meet the road. Those who understand that the journey is in fact the destination.

A Motorbike trip between Kinnaur and Spiti is more about the Motorbike and yourself than it is about Kinnaur and Spiti. At India Motorbike tours, we understand the love you have for riding and we cherish it deeply. We also understand where this loves comes from, because we come from the same stock. A good road and a fun Motorbike is all you really need to find peace within yourself. The beauty Kinnaur and the Spiti valley is just the cherry top of the cake.

So join us, as we here at India Motorbike tours embark on this journey of self-discovery and relaxation. Join us in our quest to experience and document the greatest rides in the Indian subcontinent and along the way form a few new, hopefully unforgettable memories that will in the future remind you of the beauty of the open road and your relationship with it.

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